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Why Do Your Eyes Paralyze Me

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Sep 8, 2003
atreyu oldschool yo

yea well this song i am hearing is crazy, it atreyu old school on there album visions, and im in a emo mood for some reason, im busting out hidden in plain view eww and senses fail and rx bandits, but it feel s good........i dont got the lyrics to this song but its sweeet

first day of school sucked, no ones in my class and it was boring i couldnt stay still... i got my thugged out circas!!! yea well what ever i havent updated in a while sooOoOO


Posted at 07:36 pm by WhiteKidsAreUs
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Sep 5, 2003
underoath snucka

You always amaze me, but thats the past. I kept the silent and it rained for days. My insides were drenched, but i guess that's the part of growning up. I never wanted to learn and I frew into the man that you never knew, but I wouldnt be this wat if it wasnt for you. 100 thank you's. If this is love, fairy tales never came ture. Judies are black in full bloom and I died in the womb. Take it back, all thats gone. It's all still there like you left it. December stayed the same. Nothing ever changed, but you. Every dream covered in dents. Love cant fly tonight. Couples will rest. I'll be sleepless. So cry yourself to sleep. This is about broken hears. This is about me, bending again for nothing. I'll run to you but pain awaits. I'm coming home, but I'll never be late. No deeper that imagination can be sight with nothing to be. What's Faith if I cant believe? Its everything. A cure, but i make it a disease. God take me because I hate me.

yea well my bros birthday was yesterday and he got his liscense so that was mad cool, we drove around, usually what u do with your liscense..

uh school is in 4 days just incase u havent noticed, i still gotta go shoppin for shoes and pants and my black socks, gotta have the black socks...

just would like to say hi to my good all pal devs, havent seen u in like days weeks or maybe months, eh ill see u monday so........

from here on out just keep emailing me and i will make fun of them, i mean answer them- strong bad!

peace snucka

Posted at 01:01 am by WhiteKidsAreUs
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Sep 4, 2003
Curl Up And Die Biznatchs

i have fallen for you. i never got the chacen to tell you, 'tear these feathered wings from my back.' i couldn't hid this internal bleeding. smiles of my filth on my dripping second. seconds counting, i fade away with the wind to deny me freedom. please let me go. a child bearing his final sign. lying in sheets tainted with splattered blood of what was once me, but things aren't so beautiful anymore. now i am death. these voices i draw are direct, seemingly undecieving. nothing comes out so simple. i notice i tore these wings with my own hands. everything seperating me from what is life. entwined in messages of inexistence and missing memories desolving like my one love, my only love. i will never feel your touch while i hear my name from your lips again. my sunrise is the darkness. i will miss you.

hey scarlett i love you!!!! ha that dream i had was hella tighth yo, yea we definatally gotta hang out some time soon.. certainly had some good time in mrs dotty's class almost gettin written up for writin on desks. that marker fight, which i still got marker on my converge shirt. ok ima go now cause im tired... xoOoX

* * *
* * *

Posted at 01:01 am by WhiteKidsAreUs
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Sep 3, 2003
poison the well niggas

why do your eyes paralyze me what makes me feel this way carry me away with silence and heartbeats as rapid thinking about your embrace and how it makes me feel i just wanna feel this way forever/sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you/why have i been given the chance to fly/when im not with you i feel lesser alone/i remmember your face imprinted on angels your voice as beautiful as the sound of waves crashing against my heart time slows down when you look at me im infatuated with this infatuated with you its so hard for me to understand why i hadnt found you before dont dull away hold my hand.....

yo lisa carey i will go with y0u t0 '
the end of the earth
and we'll fly . hahabe like this entry is for my down ass chik lisa she be off the heZZZYY she so ghetto she make rele thugs look WHITe
check out her blog drive its crazy---http://st0lenhearts37.blogdrive.com/

Posted at 10:39 am by WhiteKidsAreUs
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